Andreas holds the degrees Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Lund University and UC Berkeley. Andreas has two years experience as a construction superintendent in Sweden and downtown San Francisco. When studying under the supervision of the world’s leading researchers in the area of Lean Construction, Andreas developed the idea of robotized installation of drywall, which is the founding idea behind Build-r.
Rasmus, Master of Science in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University. Rasmus’ deep interest in algorithm-development and particularly in statistical algorithms after his experience from working with Markov based models together with his practical background with range measurement equipment from leading suppliers to the automotive industry made Rasmus perfect for the role as a technical developer at Build-r. Rasmus’ main responsibility is the development of algorithms for localization and path planning.
Build-r is growing very rapidly and will soon be the leading Swedish build-tech company, ready to take on a global market. We are consistently looking for the top talent in mechatronics or artificial intelligence, primarily in Stockholm or with willingness to move to Stockholm. Does the opportunity to develop truly disruptive technology, in a team with devoted individuals, to enter a huge global market interest you? Send us a short message on the contact page and we will take it from there. 

Rasmus Pettersson


Andreas Söderberg

Per Eriksson
PhD, Board Member

Saeid Esmaeilzadeh,
PhD, Board Member

Amin Omrani,
MSc, Chairman

In his role as the CEO of Serendipity Ixora, Amin has been, and is currently a cornerstone in the series of Serendipity Group’s highly successful technology based venture companies. Amin has studied Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, and has the ability to vision the not yet envisioned. Amin’s expertise in early stage commercialization processes is a key aspect to the quick scaling of the Build-r business. 
Per Eriksson is professor in signal processing at Lund University, he also was the University’s Vice Chancellor between 2001 and 2006. Founding additional technical universities and having been Director General of the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) has made Per one of the most well connected people in Sweden’s technical academic space and the scene of large industrial corporations. 
Saeid is one of the two founders of the Serendipity Group, a technology investment and venture saga. At the time Sweden’s youngest associate professor, Saeid had a stroke of Serendipity. His “failed” experiment led to the discovery of the world’s hardest glass material, and subsequently the founding of Diamorph, the first company in the Serendipity Group.